unopened and empty 7 UP united we stand pop can is worth how much


Unopened and empty 7 UP united we stand pop can is worth how much.

Place: Logan, OH, USA


   8:20am: Friday 15th Feb 2019

  Drew from Melbourne VIC, Australia said...

Hi Brenda,
Just a quick google and we can find some items listed on ebay. They range in price from $1 opened, to $10 unopened. This is their asking price though.
I noted that there was a set of all 52 states, unopened in mint condition being sold for $349 total. That's about $6.70 a can. Obviously they wouldn't split the set up.
I'd say, that if your cans were the ones a collector needed to make their set complete, you could quite possibly get around $10 a can (all depends on the acquirer really).
A good reference I found, that made it easy to see a lot of different asking prices is here

Hope this helps Brenda :)

   6:45pm: Friday 15th Feb 2019

  Brenda Mankin from Logan, OH, USA said...

Thank you
Not long ago on the news I seen where these types a cans can go for alot, but like on eBay not many want to collect them.I will hold onto them for the amount that's bid on um now a days.

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