sixties it toy


this is from the 1960's 34cms high

we are just looking for the value of this item.

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Place: Perth WA, Australia


   1:33am: Friday 22nd Feb 2019

  Drew from Melbourne VIC, Australia said...

Hi Val,
I believe this is a Glook-Gonk :) 1965-70s time.
They were given out at fairground shows as a prize.

I've included some links below as reference, but I believe your Gonk should be worth anything between $60 - $90 AUD.

To quote one of my references:-
The first Toy of the Year, announced at the start of 1966, was the James Bond Aston Martin Car, with the geometric drawing toy Spirograph, the Spyring board game and furry egg-shaped Gonks dolls also proving popular.

I particularly like this description of a close relative to your IT toy :)
The Glook Gonk

My references were:-
This one mentions, back in 2009, the average price was about 26 pounds across many different toys.


ebay 12 Jul, 2015
This Ebay link is simply the link from the Pinterest one above. I left the Pinterest one there so we could see some cool versions.
It shows what a much smaller one achieved at auction back then.

Hope this helps Val.


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