What's AN ACTUAL NEW ORLEANS "BOURBON" Street Sign Documented!


I'm looking to find out what 'NEW ORLEANS BOURBON STREET SIGN' is worth.

In 1995 I worked for Jim Beam Bourbon and lived in New Orleans. 1995 was Jim Beam's 200th Anniversary and the week of June 11, 1995 the 300 block of Bourbon Street was renamed 'Jim Beam Bourbon' Street.

The Vieux Carre Commission, for the 1st and only time allowed the street to be renamed and the produced actual signs on the street. This is the real deal along with a copy of a letter sent stating its authenticity.

Anyones knowledge here would be greatly appreciated.

  • Publish Date: 01-11-2013 13:50:40
  • Contact name: Steve H
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  • Location: U.S.A.

Place: 7851 Galloping Hills Street, Las Vegas, NV

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