What's '1863 becks medical jurisprudence volume 2' Worth?


I'm looking to find out what '1863 becks medical jurisprudence volume 2' is worth. in pretty good shape

Anyones knowledge here would be greatly appreciated.

  • Publish Date: 25-10-2015 20:18:30
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Place: USA


   2:41am: Tuesday 27th Oct 2015

  Jamie from Victoria, Australia said...

Hi Mark,
I found a listing on ebay in australia for this book.
Ebay Australia
The owner is asking $74.99 australian (around $55 USD).

Whether they achieve this amount is yet to be seen.
The book actually lives in Norwich, United Kingdom.

Something else to consider on the value of your book, is to know that the aussie dollar has taken a big hit recently and your book could very well be worth something similar to $75 USD.
Photos can always help to compare condition.

Hope you find this helpful.

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