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Blessed are they who heal in these days of great pain and suffering…

Blessed are the ones who lay their hands upon the fevered brow of their
brothers and sisters, knowing that their request will be answered.
Knowing that great power will flow through them, like water through a
river course.

Whatever occupation or business you pursue, you're
on a journey. Some people are very conscious of their direction and
purpose while others are just following what's in front of them. Right
now, there are lots of people who are suffering mentally and
emotionally, and there are those who are working hard, but clearly not
getting the results they wish to.

As a Spiritual Healer, I offer
genuine solutions and answer questions regarding Life Decisions,
Emotional Difficulties, Relationship Issues, Marriage, Property, Career,
Job, Money, Business Concerns, Goal Creation, Personal and Spiritual
Growth, Exploring and Changing Old Beliefs, Healing and Transformation
options, Metaphysical Challenges, Higher Consciousness choices, Life
Coaching and much more.

I offer Honest, Professional, Ethical and
Non-judgmental Insights, Give Clarity, Assistance, Purpose, Direction
and Empower people so they live a Happier and More Fulfilling Life.

We all need help to resolve questions and I like to think I'm a good
listener and a straight talker. My purpose is to help people move to a
higher state of self-awareness. This isn’t just about finding a
direction or an answer; being self-aware can help you heal and move on,
something that so many people find difficult to do. Think of me a life
coach with a spiritual as well as a pragmatic approach.

As well as clients, I’m interested in meeting people whose own work complements
mine and perhaps creating client offers together. Please feel free to
ask me any questions you might wish to. I’ll be happy to answer them.
You Can Email.drram247@gmail.com Or Call+27621474321

Place: New Orleans, LA, United States

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